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Street Address: 67/176 South Creek Road, Cromer NSW 2099, Australia
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Allied Data Systems is located in the "Northern Beaches" region that is about 30 minutes drive north of the Sydney CBD.

RTD Embedded Technologies

RTD designs and manufactures rugged, high-reliability embedded computer modules, mezzanines, and systems. Our product line is based on the PC104 form factor and the PCIe/104 (PCI Express), PCI/104-Express, PCI-104, PC/104-Plus, and PC/104 specifications. RTD's PC104 product line can be configured in our rugged, modular enclosures and chassis with standard PC and cylindrical connectors making them ideal for military, industrial, and mission-critical applications. PC104 is a compact, rugged, modular embedded standard.

Beta Transformer Technologies

PC104 Stackable ISA, PCI & PCI Express SBCs and Rugged Embedded Systems

RTD’s product offering is the broadest in the industry, guaranteeing system integrity and minimal debugging. These products address CPU, digital signal processing, intelligent process control, data acquisition and processing, adaptive signal processing, video capture, telematics, wireless, networking, communication, field bus, power supply, and UPS technologies. In addition, RTD specializes in rugged, modular, and universal system solutions (IDAN, HiDAN, and HiDANplus) which are available for all RTD products as well as third party products. RTD’s vast experience and knowledge base of computer technologies allows quick and efficient solutions to customer requirements. With in-house software expertise, add-in drivers, developed software environments, and example programs, RTD provides a clear, one-stop, fast development experience with long-lasting support for the embedded customer.

RTD’s products can be found in a wide variety of industrial, educational, and government applications. Some examples include










• Vehicle event data recording
• Space telescope positioning
• Wireless telematics
• Geological surveying
• Small arms detection and localization
• Beyond-line-of-sight communications
• Autonomously guided parafoil
• Experimental aircraft control
• Intelligence gathering
• Atmospheric laser systems
• Space-based plant growth chamber
• Aerial surveillance and threat detection
• Radar control
• Aerospace tracking systems
• Locomotive
• Unmanned Vehicles
• Mining and Exploration
• Torpedo defense
• Vehicle performance monitoring
• Border security
• High altitude research
• Precision steel bending
• Aircraft navigation
• Smart Power Grid
• Rockets
• Electromagnetic aircraft launch
• Aircraft arresting gear
• Pyrotechnic bolt control
• Acoustic research
• Antenna beam steering
• Mesospheric research
• Commercial boat sonar
• Star tracking
• Paper Mills
• Aircraft-ground communications
• Jet engine monitoring and control
• Rainfall radiometry
• And many more...