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Street Address: 67/176 South Creek Road, Cromer NSW 2099, Australia
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Allied Data Systems is located in the "Northern Beaches" region that is about 30 minutes drive north of the Sydney CBD.


Compulab is a leading manufacturer of "Computer on Module" (CoM) / (SOM) boards. Compulab's products excel with an advanced set of features, outstanding level of integration, high reliability and affordable prices.

Beta Transformer Technologies

System-on-Module Concept

Compulab CoMs | SoMs are embedded in telecommunication systems, automotive devices, gaming systems, medical devices, aerospace and marine systems, and countless other applications and can be found in thousands of products, some are of the world’s leading companies. Initially, Compulab was the first company to introduce an ARM-based Computer-on-Module to the market. During the past decade ARM CoMs have grown to a multi-million units business backed by many manufacturers, yet Compulab continues to offer the largest and most diverse product portfolio which, combined with the company’s low-cost-high-volume business philosophy, maintains Compulab’s leadership in this rapidly growing market.

IoT Gateways


CompuLab IoT Gateways are highly customizable and cost-effective industrial systems designed for Internet of Things connectivity and remote control and monitoring applications.

Industrial PCs

State-of-the-art miniature fanless PCs that are extremely small, very low power and have more features than any other PC in their category